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Welcome to Dream Home Inspections!

A Dream Home Inspection begins with a thorough examination of the home's walls, ceiling, floors, plumbing and wiring. Differences in temperature show up as thermal variations which provide us with crucial information that could range from energy loss and electrical problems to water damage, roof and pipe leaks, mold growth, pest and vermin infestations, and structural defects. Once completed, a report with visual, thermal, and diagram images is provided in an easy to read/understand report.


So whether you are looking to buy a new or existing home, our goal is to help you protect your investment. As a certified home inspector, I will provide you with a complete home inspection.

The inspection covers all the major components of your home:

  • Roofing
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Heating and Air Conditioner
  • Basements and Crawlspace
  • Over 300+ areas of the home

6 Reasons to Have your Home Inspected

Purchasing a Home is a huge investment; you want to make sure you are making the right choice. Organizing a home inspection by Dream Home Inspections, LLC is the best way to shed light on any potential issues with your new home. Here are a few top reasons you should invest in a home inspection:

Safety: A new home may look safe; however, a home inspection can reveal underlying issues that are not visible to the builder or the potential buyer. An inspection can detect safety issues like radon, carbon monoxide and mold which can be harmful an unsafe for you and your family.

Show your home as an open book: A home inspection is the perfect way to uncover any current or potential problems before signing the dotted line. Having as much knowledge as possible from your home inspector will allow room for future negotiation for both the buyer and seller.

Negotiating Tool: Having as much knowledge as possible from your home inspector will allow room for future negotiation for both the buyer and seller. A home inspection will make the buyer aware of potential upcoming costs, repairs and maintenance the home may require.

Reveal the Big Picture: While the home may be in solid form for the next few years and requires no current repairs, home buyers should factor upcoming maintenance costs. This information will be indicated on your report as well.

Save you money in the long run: A home inspection can save money for both the buyer and seller. For the seller, an inspection gives you a heads up of any conditions which can be fixed before listing, thus making the home likely to sell faster. For the buyer, they can factor any needed repairs into an offer saving not only time but money.

Highlights your home's hidden assets: If you know your home is in good shape, home inspections can shine a spotlight on your home's hard to see repairs, such as electrical and foundation upgrades.

Home Inspection Reports

Download a Sample Report

At Dream Home Inspections, you'll be provided with an electronic report and color photographs clearly revealing to you the current state of your home. This way, you are able to make any repairs that may be needed and receive your asking price for your home. Why negotiate away thousands of dollars from your asking price over minor repairs?

Feel free to download a sample report by clicking the icon to the right.